Engell Family pic

Hello there, we would like to tell you a little about the Engell Family Band of Colville WA. We have been playing together as a family for close to twelve years now and have enjoyed playing for audiences all over from Washington to Arizona, including six tours in the winter months all over Arizona.
Andrew, the oldest of us, has been establishing a working farm growing a wide variety of garden greens and vegetables and selling them at the farmers markets in the summer.
Aimee lives in CA, and with her growing family of five has her hands full. Aimee and her husband Jonathan have a business making and selling childrens block sets, which are beautifully done, if do say so myself.
Luke(me) just finished a two year project, cleaning up and remodeling a house, and got it rented out. He is now focused on learning website development and teaching banjo and guitar.
Caleb is living in Oregon working for the olive garden as a waiter and hopes to be teaching fiddle, guitar, and mandolin on his time off
Isaac will graduate this next summer, so he is industriously working away at his schoolwork as well as preparing to start a lawncare business next spring.
Aleah and Adam(and Mom) are learning clogging, which is lot of fun. They are also busy with homeschooling, voice lessons, and growing up in general.
Thank you for stopping by and if you would like to send us an email we would love to hear from you.